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"To eliminate wars! That is what Celestial Being is! Along with me! Thats right...! I am...! We are...! We are all Gundam!"- Setsuna F. Seiei, Gundam 00 1st Season

"Setsuna F. Seiei! Cutting toward the future!"- Setsuna F. Seiei, Gundam 00 2nd Season

"Kick logic to the curb! Thats how the Dai-Guren Brigade rolls!"- Simon the digger

"Behold! This power! It rends the earth! and splits the seas! This is the hand that created it all! BIG BANG PUNCH!!"- Kouji Kabuto

"I am Zero! The world will bow before me!"- Zero

"I am the most powerful Gundam... among all the Gundam I am the most powerful"- Heero Yuuy

"Nu Gundam just isn't for show!"- Amuro Ray(0089)

"Not bad Gramps! Change Getter 1!!"- Ryoma Nagare

"I don't like to waste ammo" Chirico Cuvie

"Big-O! Showtime!"- Roger Smith

"I am the champion!"- Gainer Sanga

"This isn't a game!"- Kamille Bidan

"This is... the power of GX...!"- Garrod Ran

"Moonlight Butterfly system activated!"- Loran Chehack

"Everyone! Listen to my song!"- Nekki Basara

"Salaryman! Protecting the peace!"- Shuuske Akagi

"Ultimate Formation! Descend! Sol Gravion!"- Touga Tenkuji

"This is Aquarion's power!"- Apollo
Well guys some new art up! Check out the gallery for more details! XD

For once the characters have legs! Rather you can see their legs this time XD

Hehe, though it still needs work! Sorry!

But hey wait for the other 11 Idols, and or Baka to Test students! Though a full portrait of Yuko would be pretty rare... but the rest will be absolutely fine :D

Whew, today is gonna be one helluva days guys...

till then see ya! :D
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Awesome drawings!
You've really improved a lot!
Keep it up ne? x3
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Hello I have started on my first drawing :)

Let me know what you think :3
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